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A Few Things You Need to Know about HBCU’s

When it comes to Historically Black Universities, this maybe some of the things that probably pop up in your mind.

You may think of how our fellow black intellectuals in making start to make their mark in the world, we think of the step shows and fantabulous marching bands first. While pondering you probably think of those super talented band majors that always set things off at the games and any other major event like the Battle of the Bands and Parades. Yassss! We absolutely love them. But, to be honest, that’s kind of it when it comes to mind for most. There is usually a limited view of our beloved Historically Black College Universities. HBCU’s are all top tier and they give so many more experiences and lessons for the next level in life.

I would like to share with you a some of the other interesting facts and other information that will help you become better acquainted with the beloved HBCU’s. People have came up with so many falsehoods about the HBCU’s and although people have mixed experiences with them its always about how a person choices and mind frame while in college that usually makes the experience what it is. I am going to try and help to debunk some of those ugly myths people have. I am also going to give you a few more reasons to be proud of the success that these colleges have had over the years. So, let begin to get your knowledge up on the impact these institutions have made.

When fellow HBCU attendees and graduates hear someone say “I attended” or “I Graduated” from a prestige college it is such a honor as from one another. You feel the love and joy from those who have experienced going to or supported any of these accredited school. As black people we aren’t getting off easy by going to one these institutions. The same hard work to receive education at any HBCU brings all of the same rigors that is expected anywhere else. If a HBCU loses their accreditation, they are also forced to close like any other accredited school. Like the saying goes ignorance is bliss and if you were one to believe other wise and not try to find out the truth for yourself, you may want to rethink that.

Here are a few Facts that you may not have known about HBCU’s:

They Absolutely Have To All Be Accredited and the HBCU’s have to all be accredited by the same entities of higher education as all pf the predominantly white colleges and universities that are around. That is why receiving a degree from a HBCU continues to hold the same weight as any other college.

There Are More HBCUs Than Most People Know About

We all have knowledge of some of the HBCU’s that began with only a small number of diligent and audacious African-American theoretical individuals who sacrificed everything for the amelioration of all black people.

Those exceptional innovators perpetrated every complex task for us to be able to receive the best education from Institutions that is not biased to the liking of our kind! Although the odds were stacked against them from the beginning they still over came. So many have yet to realize how much the vision of our ancestors have grown and how it has come to fruition for many other generations of African Americans to come. And all because of the work of past educational visionaries, there are 99 HBCU’s located in the United States today that are both private and public colleges and universities.

Technology, Science, Math and Engineering, Are All Hallmarks of HBCU’s

Contrary to what popular belief is, HBCU’s are pivot for some of our greatest African-American intelligent beings who are excelling in STEM. Over half of our nation’s African-American Women who have gone to earn their doctorates in science have graduated from schools like Bennett and Spelman College. More than 45 percent of our health professionals that are African-American have received their education at an HBCU. Most of the HBCU’s have been founded with the desire of educating black people so that we can go into the STEM fields and excel far beyond our ancestor’s wildest dreams.

Also, many of our colleges have “A&M” in there titles and it stands for Agricultural and Mechanical or you may see “A&T” which stands for Agricultural and Technical in their schools names. Our progenitors in education knew exactly what they had a vision to achieve when starting the schools from the beginning. For that I would like to say Thank You, Ancestors for paving the way to allow so many bright minds to grace this world with degrees to reflect their God given talents.

I have heard people say that we don’t need HBCUs anymore because all schools are band from the past prejudice preconceptions that ruled in our past. Well although we would like to say so it doesn’t unfortunately it does still exist in world that we currently live in. We continue to run into it more then they would like to agree that we do. We see it in our schools, on our jobs, and other places that we go daily. So for those who say that HBCU’s are not necessary, they are oblivious. In fact, HBCU’s are as necessary now as any other time in the past. African-Americans may have a better opportunity when it comes to educational avenues created for us. It is also about the history of those colleges and universities. It’s allows us to learn and understand our own culture better then we have before. It gives us the opportunity to grace the halls that some of the greatest African-Americans that came before us have graced. Our future leaders of tomorrow should have the same ability to gain a education without the extra strain of dealing with racism among the daily strains we all already have to deal with daily to feel like we belong. I am so happy they exist and I am happy to see my daughter take interest in attending a HBCU when she graduates from high school like many of my family and friends!

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