It’s Mardi Gras Time Ya’ll! In New Orleans: What you should do, eat and see…

Welcome back Y’all! So, I live 20 minutes from New Orleans in a city called Slidell. Wow, so exciting right? Well guess what else, its Mardi Gras time ya’ll and that’s pretty exciting for me and my family each year. I am going to give you all a few spots to try that I absolutely love.

I was actually travel to New Orleans often and had a family member that was supposed to come visit but because of the winter storm in Texas that got canceled, I decided why not make a blog about the dope spots I wanted to bring them to. Hence, my suggestions during a trip to the Big Easy, aka New Orleans!

Sit down, grab a daiquiri and come along with me as I detail a trip for you to NOLA!

So, for this blog post, I’m going to break down a trip day by day, with subcategories of different locations not to far from the heart of the city. I will also suggest food to try each day. I will be giving you a list of places to tour in the NOLA for a total of four days, but the bulk of those activities will take place on three of those four days because that’s a typical trip for most people.

Let’s go!

Sunday Before Mardi Gras in New Orleans

My NOLA trip guide will began on Friday, with less than a hour drive to the city (that’s if you drive like me). Anybody who knows me knows that I love food, so we are going to start with a spot for brunch just incase you get up late because this is a vacation! MKM Creations always hits the spot if your looking for a snack like their delicious beignets of a filling breakfast with shrimp and grits, a juicy steak, New Orleans favorite DND smoked sausage, fried fish or so many other choices. If you feel it in your soul to return, which will definitelyyyyy want come back and try items like the seafood potatoes, lamb chops, fried lobster, and more.

I also have two things planned for you this day: a VIP photo experience at a popular selfie museum called JAMNOLA which is by appointment so make sure you reserve your spot and catch a parade and near by restaurant your choice. Make sure you shower and get some rest because we have 3 more days to go.

I also want you to know the weather here is always crazy, it can be cold one minute and hot the next. Make sure you bring a the long and short sleeve shirts, pants and shorts or tights (always my preference) variety of comfortable shoes because you will be doing some walking in the city and a jacket or two. Keep it cute but perfect for the various places you will go but comfortable enough to walk around in.

Another spot to go if that’s not your cup of tea is downtown, park near the Riverwalk to do a little shopping. You may have noticed you left a few things at home so why not. The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk is a nice spot! It is not your usual mall, but also not as high-end as a spot called Canal Place, which is another shopping center. You can stop in Forever 21 and catch a sale that you can wear the rest of the trip. Get your moneys worth, honey!

Monday in New Orleans

Monday is going to be your full first day in the NOLA. Start this day off with another photoshoot because there is a lot to catch on camera, but this time catch photos of a few iconic spots around the downtown and the French Quarter area. Its going to be packed so be prepared to wait where every you go.

Dont be afraid to ask someone to take your picture, we are extra friendly here. We are known for our southern hospitality.

Don’t be surprised if you make friends with another person or couple that is also in town for the experience. They may even end up buying you drinks as you travel from one location to another location. One thing about New Orleans, it’s almost impossible for someone to walk around and not have a drink in their hand! Make sure you find a Bourbon Street sign to take your pictures with, the sign often get stolen by tourist especially around this time.

Loretta’s Authentic Pralines

I can not mention a NOLA trip without mentioning the iconic place: Loretta’s! Expect a line, you can sit down after being waited on or take a walk through the French Market while waiting because of COVID some of the spots i have grown to love have closed, the beignets are definitely worth the wait. It’s very rare to see this place without a line when I visit, sometimes I luck up and walk up to the ordering window.

I ordered two types of beignets the praline filled which i keep for last because it hits the spot for dessert, the crab stuffed with crab meat that has been sautéed with seasonings and butter, and topped with Ms. Loretta’s special sauce.

Both are always delicious! Since it is Mardi Gras time you can get a piece of king cake to go if you would like.

Local diners are serenaded by a nearby children tap dancing with cold drink cans on there shoes (so talented), jazz players, and you may even walk the street and see so many other talented people displaying their art work, books they have written, or spot the local tin man. I to feel like a tourist sometimes, but I have lived here most of my life. Unfortunately, your time is limited before the parades get to rolling again, so its time to roll on.

Dinner at Neyow’s Creole Café

I love Neyow’s from the first time that I stepped foot in there restaurant, so eating dinner here is a no brainer.

After a calling for a ride or getting to your car, find your way to 3332 Bienville in New Orleans. Make sure you order a Bow Wow punch you only need one. While there try the appetizers and a dish, you always get your moneys worth here.

Keep in mind, it is Mardi Gras time and there is always a line at the door. That’s how you know its about good!

When you finish there off to another parade if you would like or back to the room because tomorrow is officially Mardi Gras Day and you need all the rest you can get.

Fat Tuesday in New Orleans

Your last full day in NOLA will consisted of a lot sightseeing, I’m telling you, you are about to see some sights literally.

While searching for a parking spot keep in mind of the area and the the prices that will be $20 or more, today stop where ever you can find to on yelp that’s is in your area.

Most locals usually have a spot mapped out and food already cooking while waiting on the floats to roll through.

For your final dinner in NOLA, it is going to a small variety because most of the roads will be blocked off for parades. But you may have leftovers back in the fridge of your hotel room to microwave later. That’s always a something i look for when booking a room out of town for my leftovers.

Your final morning in New Orleans…

When you are all checked out and hundreds of dollars poorer. Remember a spot you may have wanted to eat at that caught you eye while touring the city or laying in the bed scrolling through your phone for local restaurants. Here there is always one last place everyone wants to eat at it maybe something simple like eating beignets again from Loretta’s. When being a tourist, we always want to go to all the places we’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram, especially checking out some of the local mom and pop places they have the best food.

And that’s how you laissez le bon temps rouler! I hope you enjoyed this trip and come back to visit for another NOLA trip. I love the city and there’s so many things I always want to do and restaurants I want to try and I have lived here for over 20 years.

What’s your favorite thing to do while in New Orleans? Is there a place I should visit that I may not have known about? Let me know in the comments!

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