Sis, Celebrate All Your Wins!

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It took time for me to learn that I should celebrate all my wins big or small up until now. Even if its just getting myself a glass of wine, soaking in the tub and reading a book, or treating myself to a pedicure. Doing so has really taught me the importance of celebrating all my wins because it has helped to build myself confidence. It didn’t really occur to me how important it is to celebrate your wins until this past month when, for the first time ever, I held a cocktail to celebrate a successful shirt sale. The cocktail celebration sparked a moment to reflect on my journey to where I am now. Having the moment really taught me something that I am going to share with you. We have to find ways to celebrate our wins more. I’m telling you this because I know that you, just like me, are wanting to be that overachiever. You work very HARD but you don’t hardly celebrate or get celebrated. So, here is why we need to celebrate our wins every time:

1. You Need To Soak it All in

Think about how so many of us work our butts off, hit our goals something, recognize the win for a little while, and then go into the next task head on. Have you ever stopped to think why do we do this? You need to make time to wallow in your win. Learn to appreciate them more because you are a step ahead of where you were just moments before and absorb everything in that accomplishment because its a form of self love. Mentally and emotionally, you need time to really recognize your wins. The positivity that comes from it is a boost for your self confidence, and it is a gentle reminder that you’re on the right track to where you want to go with whatever it is that you are trying to do. We sometimes see the result of those who buzz about their wins and how they tend to move quickly with accomplishing their goals but we also see how burned out and sometimes depressed they are. I know because I have been in that predicament. Sis, take your time and appreciate what you have already gained and know that you DESERVE it. This year after my first sale of the year, I took some time to celebrate the successful day by inviting my husband to celebrate with a cocktail and appetizer. We toasted to the successful sale, and also to each others growth. It’s extremely important for us to support each other, if not who else will.

2. Letting Others See Us Shine

Here is another reason to celebrate and appreciate your wins, because other people like us who need to see them! I can not tell you how many times I have seen someone doing what I either wanted to do or was doing what I do and killing it! See them being successful and flourishing motivated me to grind harder and stay my course. I absolutely love to see other people win because we all should be able to win in our own season. Contrary to what others believe, there is still a way to be humble and grateful when we celebrate our wins. There are so many ways to do it so that it empowers and inspires someone else to start working on living their dreams too. I see to often someone robbing someone else of their dream because they want to be the only one at the top. We have to learn how to help someone else shine because at the same time we shine too because of the help or knowledge we have given them to help them on their journey. We can also ruin the opportunity by not allow anyone else to feed off of you. Someone some where wants to and needs to see you win.

3. Celebrating Is The Substance For More Wins

After receiving the text, calls, dm’s, or emails saying “I am so proud of you Sis!” from family and friends something clicks in you that will motivate you to emotionally embrace the next thing you need to do to gain another win. So if you want to win and keep winning keep celebrating. Our lives are full of ups and downs and when you are in those moments that are high points for you or your winning season soak it all in. These moments not only pushes us through to get to the next win but keeps us grounded when we are having the lows in our journey. As a parent I try to always motivate my children to be what they want to be when they grow up. I also tell them they journey is not a smooth road and it does get rocky and has a few pot holes in it but keep going. That’s also another reason why you should celebrate because those of you who are like me and have children its important for them to see you embrace all parts of the journey and not give up. This teaches them how to grow and excel in life giving them a life long motivation. Last but not least, life is to short not to celebrate every win.

What are some of the thing you do to celebrate your wins? Do you cook something special, have a drink, buy yourself something? Share in the comments below and don’t forget to checkout Noble Luxe Creative Studio.

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