First Few Weeks

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The first few weeks of work 2023

The dreaded beginning of the year back to work blues has began. Should I go in or call out? That is the question!

So much is on the brain starting a new year, but there are goals to be meet with 2023 just beginning.

We try to be proactive and avoid our urge to procrastinate.

During this time of year it is prime for hitting those New Year goals on your list. Don’t start by sleeping on the progress you’ve made so far, falling short of the goals before the year even starts.

Its important for us to take inventory of work-related goals we have and then move forward with precision. Having a clear mind always helps to get the job done. You deserve to enjoy the making progress and completing those goals without having to worry about the pile work waiting for you to get to it, be it home, working for someone, or our own business.

Start off the year on a high note and here are a few tips that will ensure productivity through the year.

Prioritize Work, Prioritize Goals, Prioritize Life!

Time management is always key. Before you begin any of the task in front of you, stop to ask yourself,

“Does this task, person, or whatever it may be need my immediate attention or is it a mission that can begin after something else is completed?” Be honest with yourself and the answer then proceeds with a strategy. You are one-woman and that woman that you are is not superwoman so if you need help ask for it. Create a list to help prioritize and try to meet deadlines earlier than usual. Do whatever you can, but also know when it is time to power down.

Spruce Up Your Inbox

If your anything like me you dread inbox clutter. The more our inbox begin to swell up, the more your anxiety will intensify.

Set aside allotted time to go through and unsubscribe from newsletters, sales, and other emails that no longer serve you.

Delete the messages that you have already replied to. Set a new away message for this years times you maybe out of office and once the holidays began to roll back around you will be set, make sure your work notifications of important emails are back on if you cut them off for the holidays.

Don’t For Get To Send Out Thank You Emails

This is a new year and every season is a season for gratitude.

Remember all the people who had your back though the past year who have helped out or made life a little easier and drop them a kind note.

Sending them a virtual gift or card letting them know just how appreciative you are of them always does the heart some good. For me it always feels good to reconnect with those who have lifted me in my yearly reflection. Also a simple check-in can bring you a bit of joy even on the days when our plates are full. Showing your appreciation and letting people know you’re thinking of them. The New Year is here, and you will need good people in your corner all 2023.

Commemorate Your Achievements

Everyone should keep a saved folder on their desktop to highlight the key moments of the year. We should always take some time to reflect on our accomplishments big or small. Doing this will remind us of why we do the work we do and empower ourselves to continue to go hard for what we aim to get accomplished in all areas of our lives.

New Year Goals

January has already started so we need to go in with a laser focus, setting our expectations for ourselves and our teams. Try aiming to pick up a new skill or two or even for a promotion. Take a list of professional development training that you would like to participate in. Outline some suggestions to improve your life and job functions and complete them.

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