Fall Fashion

This Fall Fashion Finds

During the summer all we think about is getting outside more and wearing less. But I have a thing for fall and Babe, fall is the season for so many fashionable trends.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I like to troll the internet and peep game from our some of the newest fashion trends. This tends to help me give my closet a fall refresh and the ability to coordinate with some of the items I already have.

A few of my favorite Black Women fashion experts helped me roundup a list of different styles you may see over the next few months to come. Mixing and matching pieces can also give you a totally different look without having to go out and shop for more. Being budget friendly is always a plus for me.


Don’t you just love boots! Well guess what Sis, they’re baaack! A good pair of boots never seems to go out of style no matter what the style is. From ankle boots, Thigh High like our girl Mary down to the Midcalf boots. All of these styles work depending on your height. and what you are rocking with your boots. Don’t be afraid to mix them up with dresses to keep your legs warmer and a fly pair of jeggings with knee high boots can be stylish for a date night, girls night, or any other casual event you will be attending.


A cardigan tends to give a classic vibe because they can be matched with a polished look for work, a dress for a wedding or glamorous event while its cold out, or intertwined with our day to day apparel. Cardigans can be long , mid, or short and come in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures.


Nah you know as Black Women we love us a good pair of hoop earrings. I myself slide my hoop earrings on for glamorous and wedding occasions, to the grocery store and park with my children, or even on a date night with my husband or out to a restaurant with the girls. Hoops stand out with a bun, hair hanging down with a nice hat, or even up in a high ponytail or to the back. Just think of your mates face when you walk in with those hoops and that of the shoulder top. You can never go wrong with the hoops they to come in a variety of shapes, metals, and sizes.


I dont know about you all but ever since childhood I have always loved a comfortable hoody or sweatshirt. With one of these on hand you never have to sweat the changing temperatures because you can tie them around your waist and throw them on to stay warm when the temp starts to drop. Transform them by adding those boots and hoop that we talked about earlier or even layer them with a longer jacket when it gets really cold and some jeans.(Your favorite Noble Luxe statement sweatshirts and hoodies are also available by clicking the link to our site above)


Listen up Queens! Our classic brown lip liner has made a comeback and we differently need to show them who rocks it best! We always prevail with the perfectly drawn on lip line and painting them in with a bad ass color, a nude, or lip gloss. We rock them all!

Also dont be afraid to pucker up with a bold or ruby red, dark purple to make your look complete.

All my Sista’s who are balling on a budget just like me or just want to be low maintenance these looks will appreciate the tips I just dropped. Being cozy and comfortable are a must during the winter months. Mix matching sweat sets, tights and hoodies or sweatshirts have become some of the seasons favorites. I some time take mine to a whole other level with some classic kicks and a baseball cap. Rustic colors and a contrast print is also in. Trust me, you wont go wrong with these.

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